Kentucky Speed 'ALL BALLS' Camshaft

Your Price: $395.00
Part Number:33138114
The original ALL BALLS cam is proven to be our most popular camshaft for a simply checking the boxes in ALL the categories. Our 'ALL BALLS' camshaft has been spec'd and designed by the BLUECAT to optimally perform in both cathedral port and rectangular port based engines. The valve events are meticulously selected in the best way possible to give you a great balance between peak horsepower, useable torque, power under the curve, and drivability, all the while giving your powerplant the sound of an engine that truly has ALL THE BALLS! 

3 bolt hydraulic roller. Aggressive idle. Great street/race cam. Requires computer tuning, upgraded air induction & headers to maximize performance. Excellent high RPM power up top with more USABLE power than any camshaft profile in this range. Requires 3200-3600 stall converter. Dual valve springs and hardened pushrods are recommended. 

Specs: 231/238 .629/.615 111+4

Operating Range: 2400-6800

Our camshafts are ground to order. Please allow 10-12 business days for cam to grind and ship.