Kentucky Speed 'BLUECAT BLOWER' Camshaft

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Part Number:33138154
Our 'BLUECAT BLOWER' grind is designed obviously with boost in mind. This camshaft has proven to work well in LS3 applications with rectangular port heads, but has also proved to work great in some LS1/LS6/LS2 applications. Designed for optimum performance in centrifugal blower applications, such as Novi 1500/2200, TorqStorm, P1SC, D1SC, and even D1X. This particular grind has produced as much as 1003rwhp on our shop Dynojet in a C6 6.0 D1X project. The profile utilizes a very stable .600 lift lobe design for great valvetrain stability and control at high RPM.

3 bolt hydraulic roller. Fair idle with excellent mid-range to top end HP gains. Likes 10+ psi boost. Dual valve springs and hardened pushrods are recommended. 

Specs: 231/238 .600/.600 115+4

Operating Range: 2400-7000

Our camshafts are ground to order. Please allow 10-12 business days for cam to grind and ship.