Kentucky Speed 'STOCK STALL' Camshaft

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Part Number:32126112
Kentucky Speed is proud to introduce our 'STOCK STALL' Camshaft which was designed for LS owners that are looking for increased performance a mild chop and do not wish to install an aftermarket stall converter. This cam is very unique in this regard, by keeping the overlap low we have designed a camshaft that can be used with your stock torque converter yet still give you a noticeable bump in horsepower and torque.

3 bolt hydraulic roller. Excellent increase in torque and mid-range HP. Very wide powerband with very crisp throttle response. Dual valve springs and hardened pushrods are recommend. 

Specs: 221/226 .629/.600 111+2

Operating Range: 1800-6000 RPM

Our camshafts are ground to order. Please allow 10-12 business days for cam to grind and ship.