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ProCharger 2010 Camaro HO P1SC Intercooled System

Your Price: $6,544.00
Retail Price:$6,999.00
You Save:$455.00(7%)
Part Number:1GT212-SCI
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Complete HO Intercooled ProCharger Systems and Tuner Kits transform the new 2010 Camaros into asphalt-scorching modern muscle cars. With dozens of ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger systems and tuner kits already shipped to their power-hungry owners, ProCharger is once again leading the way for 2010 Camaro SS owners and continues to dominate the LS engine supercharger segment.

Bolt-on 175+ HP
Thanks to the efficiency of the overall ProCharger supercharger system for the 2010 Camaro SS models, owners of otherwise stock vehicles will make more power with less boost, thanks to high-flowing, durable and extremely efficient ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger and large air-to-air intercooler. ProCharger's HO Intercooled offering also features an 8-rib, dedicated drive and systems are 100 percent complete. Look for 175+ horsepower gains on both L99 (automatic) and LS3 (manual) equipped Camaros with just 7 psi of intercooled boost while still running on high-quality pump gas.

Thanks to ProCharger's industry-leading technology, ProCharger produces more power with less boost than the competition. Owners can expect 500 rwhp on otherwise stock L99 Camaros and 525 rwhp on otherwise stock LS3 Camaros. Higher boost and power levels are available for modified engines.

ProCharger Camaro SS Power Upgrade Path for Modified Engines Leading the way with supercharger and component upgrades, ProCharger already has developed a power upgrade path for 2010 Camaro owners who will be modifying their LS engines. These components are available now ? give our Sales Team a call today for more information.

D-1SC supercharger upgrade
12-rib Drive System upgrade (from 8-rib)
Cog Drive Race kit
Even larger intercooler
F-1 supercharger upgrade
F-1R supercharger upgrade

Stock or modified LS-engines, ProCharger is The Ultimate Camaro Power Adder.