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Raptor Performance Digital Gen IIDual Mode Shift Light 4 Wire

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Part Number:RaptorDualGEN2
Make your launch and shift consistent with the aid of a Raptor dual mode launch/shift light! Our newest edition of shift lights for 2011, incorporates a dual function launch/shift indicator capable of 20K RPM! This model allows the user to set a desired launch rpm, upper and lower launch limits, pulse/rev, and shift point setting. Stand alone operation!

Uses the signal to the speedometer or the Vehicle Speed Sensor (Vss)signal to determine launch or shift mode. *******Can be factory programmed to use a signal from the clutch switch or brake light to determine launch or shift mode. **Note**--> If using with the newer Dodge Challengers (SRT8/RT10), the shift light must be programmed to work with the clutch switch and not the Vss signal.

Example: Program the launch to 3000 rpm, +/- 200 rpm and shift point at 6200 rpm. This effectively creates a launch "window" of 2800 rpm to 3200 rpm. If the vehicle is staged (not moving) the unit enters into launch mode automatically. If the rpm is under the lower limit of 2800 rpm, the LEDs are off. If the rpm is above 3200 rpm, the LEDs flash rapidly. However, if the rpm is within 2800 rpm and 3200 rpm, the LEDs are on constant. So the user simply brings the engine rpm up until all LEDs are on. This keeps one from looking down at the tach trying to keep the tach needle to the desired launch point. After the launch, the unit automatically disables the launch mode and enables the shift mode, where it will come on at 6200 rpm in this example.

If you choose to not use the launch feature when your not at the track, simply press the program button twice within 0.5 sec to disable the launch feature. When your ready to race again, simply press the program button twice within 0.5 sec to re-enable the launch feature.

Also, the RPM display can be turned off if desired.

Available in four LED colors. Seven bright LEDs visible in direct sunlight.

Easy wire-up: 4 wire connection (5 wire with auxiliary output control) .

RISC processor for extreme precision and easy user interface. Simply press and hold both program buttons to enter into program mode, where you can set the desired launch rpm, launch limits, cylinder setting and shift point setting. The new settings are then stored in memory. If you want to change only one parameter, just advance to the parameter you want to change. No need to set all parameters each time.

Dimensions: 3.625" long x 0.75" diameter. The most compact shift light of any manufacturer! Allows you to mount it virtually anywhere within the vehicle, even in the AC vent for a hidden but effective shifting tool.

Two different style Mounting Brackets. Vinyl covers are for reducing emitted light intensity for night racing. They do not determine the color of the emitted LED light. Covers match the LED color.

**Note** Will not work on cable driven speedometers!